Promenez votre chien

Promenez votre chien

Nous sommes heureux de vous offrir un peu d’information pour que vous puissiez aller pour une promenade avec votre chien autour de Haileybury. Il n’y a pas de parc pour chien désigné à Haileybury, mais vous pouvez promener votre chien sur sa laisse n’importe où dans la ville. Les rues sont sécuritaires, vous ne devriez avoir aucun problème. Apportez quelques sacs en plastique pour does not really have a dog park so you basically can walk your dog on a leash anywhere.  The streets are safe and you should have no issues.  You might want to bring along some plastic bags in order to ‘scoop the poop’.  Bags are only available at the Marina site.

To Walk Your Dog Off-Leash

We have two areas to propose.  The first one is the soccer field behind Northern College Haileybury Campus.  The field is very rarely used for sports activity and you will see many dogs running within the fenced area.  You can access the field from either sides of the college building which is located on Latchford Street.

Children hiking to Devil's Rock through the shortest access route. Great activity for families, couples or solo travellers. A picnic can even be brought to have on site. / Enfants en route vers le rocher du diable en utilisant la route d'accès la plus courte. Une activité idéale pour tous, famille, coupes ou même pour les personnes seules.

Children hiking to Devil’s Rock.

If you are looking for trails to walk your dog, a great area is a trail system on Main street as you enter Haileybury from West Road.  There is an entrance off Main street and a  small parking.  The parking area is not really identified and you will not find any signage along the trail so you might want to bring along a copy of the map or follow on your smartphone in order not to get lost.

You will find below a google map indicating the Northern College soccer field as well as the trail system of Main street.  The loop indicated is the shorter route.  If you are looking for a longer walk, you can follow the white trail indicated on the map.  As long as you follow on your smart phone you will not get lost and you should really enjoy.  The trails are safe and your dog will truly enjoy.  Google Map For Trails & Northern College Location

If you decide to hike to Devil’s Rock you can take your dog along and you can have hime off-leash.  You might want to bring put your leash back on when you arrive at the site.

To Take Your Dog For A Swim

If you dog wants to have a swim, you could use our Presidents’ Suites private dock just in front of the Villa at 620 Lakeshore.  We have chairs available on the dock so you could just enjoy a bit of relaxing time while  your dog is drying up.




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